Tucked vs. Untucked: How do you know?

Tucked or Untucked is a style that many still struggle with — when to tuck, when to untuck, and what can be untucked without looking sloppy. 

Obviously certain functions, settings or the environment dictate that you must be tucked (Black tie, Business Suit, etc), but when you have the option of untucked vs. tucked, we've got a few rules for you to follow to navigate this common question! 

Long Sleeve Shirts

A long sleeve, tailored dress shirt should should never be worn untucked. These shirts are designed to be worn with a tie and tucked in — end of story. Other long sleeve sport shirts that have long tails in the front and back is also a no no for untucked.Here's a general rule to follow when figuring out if your long sleeve woven shirt can be worn untucked: the front hem should not go below the crotch of your pants. It’s ok for the front and back to be shaped slightly longer than the sides, but anything hanging lower than this looks sloppy! 

Short Sleeve Button Up Shirts

This shirts are almost always worn untucked (unless you’re the guy who wears them with a tie or likes to use a pocket pen holder.. then I’m guessing you’re not reading fashion blogs).

Short sleeve shirts are made to be casual but can still be fashionable and classy. Worn with denim, casual pants or shorts is a great look if it’s the right shirt. Again, the same rule applies as with your long sleeve shirts, if it hangs past your crotch or has long tails in the front and back, it’s the wrong one for you.

Polos and T-shirts

All t-shirts should be untucked unless you’re auditioning for a “Saturday Night Fever” remake ;). There is not a single occasion that a t-shirt looks good tucked in!

Polos are different and depending on the occasion can certainly be tucked in. Golf Polos are designed to be tucked in and therefore are usually cut longer and do not look good untucked. Your everyday Polo that you would wear untucked should follow the same rule as above. Nothing past crotch level, if it is, either tuck it in or get another brand.

Lastly, let's remember one very important rule. If you start your day with a shirt tucked in, leave it tucked in. There’s no worse look than seeing a guy at Happy Hour with his shirt pulled untucked after being tucked in all day, revealing all the creases from being tucked for 8 hours!